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Service Description

Have your old and new photos scanned to protect them from aging. Once they are digitized, it becomes easy to share albums and memories with your family and friends.

For large quantities of photos, we provide Shoebox Scanning. We use a special scanner to provide high quality scans of hundred or even thousands of your photographs.

All photos are scanned at 600 dpi, lightly retouched, color corrected with cropped-clean edges.

Photos for shoebox scanning orders must be loose and unmounted, not in photo albums, not torn or bent, no glue, staples, or post-it notes, mounted or thick photos, such as Polaroid and Kodak Instant Photos. Photos must be between wallet size of 2" x 3" inches and 8" x 12".

All other sizes can be scanned by obtaining a custom quote.



  • Regular Scanning (Quantity < 500)
Quantity Price
1-24 $2.99 each
25-99 $2.49 each
100-499 $1.99 each
500 or more $1.00 each

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In-House Gifts







Quantity Price
1-5 $4.50 each
6-10 $3.50 each
11-25 $2.65 each
26-50 $2.00 each
51-100 $1.50 each
101+ $0.85 each
Item /Quantity Price
2 1/2" x 3 1/2" up to 8x10" size picture(s) $0.50 each
1001+ $0.25 each
Data CD $10.95 (add'l copies $5.95 each)
Data DVD $15.95 (add'l copies $10.95 each)
Color Index Prints Price
8 1/2 x 11" (36 thumbnails/page) $1.50/page
4 x 6" (40 thumbnails/page) $0.85/page
Index Binding $6.50


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