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Aluminium Print

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Service Description

High Definition Aluminium Print gives you a modern way to display your images and photos. They appear to float on the wall, giving your art a crisp, clean look. Dyes are directly infused into these specially coated aluminium panels to create HD art unlike anything else available.

All Aluminium Print panels have a glossy or matte finish and are available in both white or silver base coatings. The larger sizes include wall mounting blocks.

Give our Aluminium Print a try, you'll be amazed by the result.

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4x6 $13.95
5x7 $18.95
8x8 $35.95
8x10 $35.95
8x12 $35.95
10x10 $45.95
11x14 $45.95
12x12 $45.95
12x18 $59.95
10x20 $59.95
16x20 $85.95
16x24 $109.95
20x20 $109.95
20x24 $129.95
20x30 $144.95
24x30 $175.95
24x36 $212.95
30x40 $296.95
30x45 $330.95
40x60 - No Wall Mounting $445.95
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